Friday, May 30, 2014

Experimenting with various creative medium

I have been missing in action for few months now. After my second child, the things have slow down at the blogging front. Meanwhile there are other fronts to conquer. Literally...
I decided to write some new posts about things we have been up to recently. Since my blog theme is about experimenting, why not write about different medium we are trying. M is quite an scientist when it comes to experimenting. Here are few things she came up with during our play sessions.

DIY popup cards ( posted to cousins)

DIY painted pegdolls ( chotta bheem characters)

Water filled in regular balloons ( the giant water balloons)

I particularly liked the big water balloons idea as the baby could also enjoy it with her. She can't tie the balloon on her own so she invented a new technique of twisting the end. The balloon would sit for some time and then leak water making it even more fun to watch.
You should come and see our pegdolls collections. We are painting more and more everyday.
I will keep you posted on some more experimentations. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Playdough Monsters

Make these super easy playdough monsters with your kids. Perfect summer vacation activity.
What you need-
Googly eyes
Button or other embellishments.

This activity comes with added learning. Here are some fun learning ideas for younger kids along with this activity.
1. Monster names- Give your monsters some fun three letter names like zip, wig, fit etc. Nice phonic practice.
2) Counting practice- kids can count and put the number of eyes, mouths, ears, noses that their monsters have.
3) Learning body parts- Kids also learn to name and label different body parts.
4) Fine motor skills- Shaping, rolling and breaking small pieces and putting them together contributes in developing fine motor skills.

Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Used Scratch Cards and Puffy Stickers Art

My 5 year old is a big fan of both Stickers and scratch cards. This activity combines both her loves and was bound to be a hit!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lunches this week1: Challenge to make food interesting for a picky eater

I have been experimenting with food lately. After hearing  Kuch aur khana hai. no roti! from my daughter frequently. Which means that she is too bored with her regular food. This is a challenge and its first week of it. Let see how to begin.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Peanut Valentine hearts: cracks open with a love note

Valentine day is just around the corner. We made these very cute peanut hearts which cracks open with a love message. These are super easy to make. Read here about tutorials about how to make them and sneak in a love note!


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