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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Layered Lilies: Exploring the textures of Water.

This post is inspired by the famous Painting of " Water Lilies" painted by Claude Monet.

Day 2: The Ocean Life
The Layered Lilies : Exploring Textures of Water.

What We Used:
1) Crepe papers in white and green color
2) Glue Stick
3) Premix Paints
4) Glitter and some Decorative flowers
What We Did:
We cut the strips of Tissue paper and pasted onto the sheet, creating layers. At some places we layered the Green strips. For Lilies, M crushed some White paper into small balls. ( You can have more sophisticated flowers, if you have older kids.) We added some green paper crushes for floating leaves.
M enjoyed painting the lilies Pink. I asked her to just dab the paint onto the white flowers leaving the edges of the lilies white. She painted the whole White areas Blue creating stunning textures of water onto the Sheet. And We left it to dry and moved on to a new sheet.

Part 2: Creating Textures by Tissue Papers.
M had so much fun to dip a crushed ball of tissue paper into the remaining paint in the palette. Then she dab it on the paper to create these effects. 

This whole Project was a messy affair, but We were able to translate the effect and texture of Water onto the Sheet. I will leave you with some impression of the "Water Lilies- Claude Monet" which is one of My favorite artwork.

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  1. What a GREAT website, so many creative ideas, My daughter being only 2 is in love with anything that has to deo with faires, and angles, she is also my little picasso, we will be doing this activity after nap,, thank you for sharing


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