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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little changes in arrangement bring a lot

Can simple changes in arrangement bring a lot of excitement and creativity?
The answers are certainly Yes. I am presently doing an excellent e-course by Mariah at " Playful learning spaces". this is our week 1 and already my mind is filled with ideas.
My first project is creating a calm and peaceful reading space for M. M is three and hasn't started to read. So this space will mean more of "Me Space." I am in progress of creating this space and putting things together.
Here are some of my thoughts-
Theme- Peace and Tranquility
Harmony, Nature
Books- Visual delight, Focussing more on visual cutout, 3d
Cushions, a bed tea table, wall display,  a tent like structure.

Will post my before and after pics in subsequent post!

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