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Sunday, March 18, 2012

1 Box, 1 Week and many ways to play

One day a box came into our home. It was just a perfect size. The box was very noble. It brought us goodies from far away city. We didn't wanted to send the box into trash. So we decided lets have some fun at last. First the box was kept in the store. It was forgotten for a day or two. Till I found a crow making holes in the box with its beak. I rescued the poor soul. It came inside and laid quietly in one corner of our room. It was only notice when we would brush past it.
Finally, the day had come when box was to going to get transformed. It became match a pair puzzle for my little girl who is three.

I just slit all the box lids into two. It was so much fun flipping the squares and looking for a match.

 A pair of shoes, Dinosaur and egg, bicycle and a helmet, flower and a butterfly, fries with soft drink and a monkey and the circus ring. The outer lids had stars, M's favorite. Some more encouragement stickers when getting the match right.

Now we were very friendly with the box. The box would carry M's toys across the house. Though it was rugged but was looking tired. So we gave it a new lease of life.
It all started with few straight lines with buttons and pom-poms. The city are not made in a day but our was made in few hours.

It had a circus, a Candyland, a zoo, a garden, a playground with swing and an airport to say the least. There were road which would lead us around. Park your cars in the car park we announced.

We eat candies, drove our cars, swayed on the swing. We loved our new colorful city and want to stick around. Till the box wants to be turned around!

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  1. Hi Mansi,
    I'm answering your question about my cultural exchange here, as well as in my blog (just in case you didn't see it).
    You're right, this cultural exchange has been a wonderful experience.
    I entered it thanks to a blog called Little Red Farm. Here you have the link:
    Hope you enjoy it! You will sure make wonderful packages because you are very creative. I like what you do with your daughter.
    Kind regards

    1. Dear Cris,
      Thanks for your suggestion. I would love to be a part of cultural exchange. Once I get an experience of it! I would love to send you a wonderful package from India. Love and regards, Mansi

  2. Dear Mansi that's lovely idea to keep kid engage with lovely sticker.She must have lots of fun tranforming box into different play areas form zoo...parking.

    1. Thanks for liking my post Ashu. Yes we had a great time in making entire city with stickers. I also found out that chalks work so greatly on cardboard. So I am having cardboard boxes for more fun things.

  3. what a lovely idea!!! and with something as simple as a box! loved this post!


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