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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mixed Media Newspaper Art

We love exploring various surfaced to paint other than paper sheets. We have tried painting on cardboard box and last year calenders and some boxes. This time we used newspapers to paint on.
We started with our art in the evening. I spread the two or three layers of newspaper over each other. so that they do not get too soaked with the colors.
We used- rollers, tempera paints, sponges, glue- the most favorite of M, magazines, big brushes and other tidbits like sequins and buttons( M didn't use them in this project. )
Here are some pictures from the night of the painting. Its fun to see a masterpiece created from a scratch.
Starting out with glue.

Adding colors with rollers and paint brushes

Sticking magazine cutouts on the glue patternas

we are almost finished! good night time
 Next morning I took some dried pictures of the Mixed Media Newspaper art. I think my little girl did quite well. what do you think?
How beautiful it turned out the next morning

some collage detailing

Keep experimenting!

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