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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Refreshing Fairy Bath

Here is our latest addition for our Fairy garden. A luxurious bath for the big and the small fairies. Its very hot here and what better way to to cool off then a dip in a cool water bath.
M loves to go swimming and we found it absolutely necessary that our fairies should have one too.
 The Small fairies can have a refreshing bath at this little pool.
The bigger Fairies dive in this one.
M enjoyed giving the bath to the fairies. All her bath toys and dolls gets a bath with her everyday. She even shampoos their hair.( I have to refill the Doll's shampoo with a cheap alternative)
Now the fairies can too enjoy their day at the pool.
Next up is a Rain chain!

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  1. this is just great...a lot of happy fairies around you now


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